Current status

’02 DR-Z400S (or DR-Z400SM or DR-Z400E  )
(The condition of the lightness.)
drz40001 2016-09-30-20-23-28

Rremoved parts and changed part

Near the handle

Replaced Meter and cable702.0g=>152.5g=549.5g
Replaced Handle weight and bolt450.0g=>0g=450.0g
Replaced Light and blinker902.0g=>529.0g=373.0g
Replaced Mirror(left)287.0g=>27.0g=260.0g
Replaced Mirror(right)287.0g=>27.0g=260.0g
Replaced Aluminum handle880.0g=>744.0g=136.0g
Ignition key101.0g=>0g=101.0g
Replaced Meter gear120.6g=>47.3g=73.3g
Warning lamp72.0g=>0g=72.0g
Brake hose clamp31.2g=>9.7g=21.5g
Clutch clamp cutting22.5g=>14.1g=8.4g



Replaced  Exhaust5087.0g=>2180.0g=2907.0g
Replaced small battery3018.0g=>1050.0g=1968.0g
Removed Tool Box641.0g=>0g=641.0g
Replaced Plastic tank3120.0g=>2536.0g=584.0g
Tail lamp and blinker884.0g=>389.0g=495.0g
Replaced ohlins4542.0g=>4055.0g=487.0g
Aluminum sprocket wheel734.0g=>295.0g=439.0g
Removed Cooling fan398.0g=>0g=398.0g
Removed tank388.0g=>0g=388.0g
A special air parts372.0g=>6.0g=366.0g
Removed Rear step(right)393.0g=>32.0g=361.0g
Removed Rear step(left)333.0g=>0 g=333.0g
Replaced Aluminum oil line289.8g=>117.4g=172.4g
Helmet key cylinder170.0g=>0 g=170.0g
Replaced Upper engine bracket275.4g=>106.4g=169.0g
Replaced Alarm whistle240.5g=>109.9g=130.6g
Replaced Snale Cam545.0g=>416.0g=129.0g
Rubber of foot peg91.6g=>0 g=91.6g
Side stand sensor87.7g=>0 g=87.7g
Carbon Chain guide156.6g=>77.8g=78.8g
Grinding71.0g=>0 g=71.0g
Front engine bracket155.8g=>87.0g=68.8g
Rear brake fluid tank71.7g=>15.3g=56.4g
Fuel cook base seat50.0g=>0 g=50.0g
Helmet key cylinder base49.0g=>0 g=49.0g
Gear position sensor64.6g=>15.9g=48.7g
SubFrame47.2g=>0 g=47.2g
Removed Battery wiring47.0g=>0 g=47.0g
Removed Thermostat44.5g=>3.5g=41.0g
Replaced Large steps340.0g=>306.0g=34.0g
Replaced Front sprocket165.9g=>140.1g=25.8g
Tandem step LH25.0g=>0 g=25.0g
Chain roller cover24.5g=>0 g=24.5g
Replaced Base gasket31.6g=>9.9g=21.7g
Replaced TMR40 carb948.5g=>929.0g=19.5g
Replaced Oil level gauge34.9g=>15.9g=19.0g
Port grinding2644.0g=>2625.0g=19.0g
F sprocket cover74.0g=>58.9g=15.1g
Fan bolt bracket14.5g=>0 g=14.5g
Changed Cap55.4g=>41.8g=13.6g
Brake pedal polish216.0g=>214.0g=2.0g
Shift pedal polish128.5=>126.8=1.7g
Strater cover polish83.5g=>82.8g=0.7g
Oil filter cover polish40.6g=>40.1g=0.5g


Materialspecific gravityThermal conductivityTensile strength
Pure titanium4.510.04135~52
titanium Ti-6Al-4V4.420.018100

specific gravit(g/cm3)
specific gravity(cal/cm2/sec/℃/cm) 
Tensile strength(kgf/mm2)

Strength required location is titanium bolts.
Strength unnecessary place is aluminum bolts.



Near the handle

Triple Tree bolts (T)180.8g=>95.4g=85.4g
Axle and hundledar bolts (T)140.4g=>81.4g=59.0g
Caliper bolts (T)43.0g=>22.0g=21.0g
Handlebar end bolts (T)45.8g=>27.2g=18.6g
Fender bolts (T)28.4g=>14.4g=14.0g
Bush guard bolts (T)20.7g=>11.5g=9.2g
F/Master cylinder bolts (T)14.0g=>8.0g=6.0g
Switch box bolts LH (A)9.2g=>3.2g=6.0g
Main switch bolts (A)8.0g=>3.2g=4.8g
Reinforcing Handle bolts (T)12.4g=>7.2g=5.2g
Clutch holder bolts (T)9.6g=>5.0g=4.6g
Number plate bolts (A)4.4g=>0g=4.4g
Throttle bolts (A)7.4g=>3.1g=4.3g
Fork boots bolts (T)8.0g=>4.6g=3.4g

(T) Titanium bolts
(A) Aluminum bolts



F/ Engine mount bolts (T)151.9g=>83.7g=68.2g
U/ Engine mount bolts (T)86.9g=>48.8=38.1g
Under guard RH,LH (T)53.4g=>27.2g=26.2g
U/ Seat rail bolts (A&T)17.7g=>4.1g=13.6g
Intake manifold bolts21.2g=>2.3g=18.9g
Rear fender bolts (T)36.0g=>18.2g=17.8g
Clutch cover bolts (T)39.0g=>23.6g=15.4g
Seat rail bolts (T)27.8g=>15.0g=12.8g
Chain roller bolts (T)22.5g=>10.3g=12.2g
Skid plate bolts (T)22.8g=>10.8g=12.0g
Exhaust pipe flange bolts (T)23.6g=>13.6g=10.0g
Sprocket cover bolts (A)14.0g=>4.6g=9.4g
Exhaust mid pipe bolt (T)19.0g=>10.0g=9.0g
R/ Disk guard bolts (T)12.7g=>4.0g=8.7g
Radiator shroud bolts (T)25.8g=>17.4g=8.4g
Clutch cable bolts (T)12.6g=>6.4g=6.2g
Tensioner bolts (T)14.0g=>8.0g=6.0g
Sheet bolts (T)14.1g=>8.4g=5.7g
Starter motor bolts (T)13.4g=>8.0g=5.4g
Rectifier bolts (T)12.4g=>7.2g=5.2g
Boots guard bolts (T)10.8g=>5.8g=5.0g
R/ Master cylinder bolts (T)10.8g=>5.8g=5.0g
Thermostat bolts (T)11.8g=>6.8g=5.0g
Gear position sensor bolt (A)6.8g=>1.9g=4.9g
Cylinder nut  (T)6.7g=>2.4g=4.3g
Blow-by gas tank bolts (A)5.8g=>1.8g=4.0g
Oil filter nut (T)7.8g=>3.7g=4.1g
Rear brake hose bolts (A)5.4g=>2.0g=3.4g
Secondary air system bolts (A)5.5g=>2.1g=3.4g
Fuel cock bolts (S)14.2g=>11.0g=3.2g
U/ Exhaust pipe bolts M5 (A)4.0g=>1.8g=2.2g
Chain Defensor bolts (A)4.2g=>2.2g=2.0g

(T) Titanium bolts
(A) Aluminum bolt
(S) Stainless steel


Not weighing of parts

  1. Fuel tank stickers
  2. Radiator shroud sticker
  3. Swing arm sticker


Increased weight

Bush guard0g=>476.0g=-476.0g
R/ Caliper guard0g=>21.2g=-21.2g
Exhaust pipe guard(SUS304)0g=>60.4g=-60.4g
Fuel tank air hose0g=>21.0g=-21.0g

Weight loss value is 13,477.5 g
Current of dry weight : 115.52 kg
It’s lighter than TE450R Competition model.