Bits of knowledge

Bits of knowledge


Q01. It is very hard sheet.
A01. Replace the seat of DR-Z400E


Q02. Headlight is dark.
A02. Remove the resistor under the sheet. Short-circuiting the wiring. The resistor prevents the burn out.


Q03.  The clutch is heavy
A03. Replace the long clutch arm.


Q04. Low engine power.
A04. Replace the carburetor and Exhaust and Camshaft and Cylinder base gasket of the DR-Z400E.


Q05. I want to grease injected into the swing arm.
A05. To use the grease nipple of the DR-Z400E. Tapping and drilling is required.


Q06. The low performance of the rear brake.
A06. Replace the disk of RM250 (’99). Bracket and disc cover also exchange.  Note to the shaft diameter of the bracket.


Q07. Speedometer is erroneous notation. Because replacing the wheel 17 inches.
A07. Replace the meter gear(Hub side of the parts) of DR-Z400SM.


Q08. Engine oil is burned.
A08. Check the position of the piston ring. There is a high possibility that wrong assembled.


Q09. Drive shaft break.
Q09. Replace it with a new part number of parts.